Saturday, January 28, 2017

What else can happen in a few months, well a year?

Every time I post something on the blog, I am in New Year's resolution mode.  Yet, here I am over a year since I last posted on the blog.  I'm active on Facebook, as is Joel, and often talk about the events of our daily lives.  We send out a newsletter online through Mail Chimp, but neglect the blog! If you are NOT on our newsletter list and want to be just send an email to

With that being said, the year 2016 was one of joy seeing many American sister church teams and other individuals come to Haiti to visit their sister church or to help RMI.  It was also one of enjoying the fellowship of family and friends in the "States" during our two month home visit, the fellowship of seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the church conference at Houghton, New York, and the relaxation of time at the farm in W.Va. where Joel grew up.

The two months in the States were very busy with trips to visit family and friends in Lost Creek, WV, Salemville, PA, Aurora, OH, Wheeling, WV (St. Clairsville, OH), the Washington, DC area, and finally Gainesville, FL.  We also were excited to spend time with cousins in the Columbus, OH area and fellowship with the church there.  Needless to say, we ended up pretty tired by the time reached Gainesville, FL on our way back to Haiti.  Gainesville was where things didn't quite go as planned.  I (Laura) had all my annual check-ups and Joel and I had our dental check-up.  To our surprise, I needed minor surgery and so we added that to our schedule and were thankful the George and Mary Lebo home opened their home to us for an extra week.

My mom and dad - Leland and Lettie Bond
But 2016 was also one of loss of much beauty and many homes here in southwest Haiti during Hurricane Matthew and the loss of both of my parents and Joel's younger brother.  Jim died in March, Dad died April 3, and Mom on December 14.  As a result, we made several unscheduled trips back to the States. I was glad to spend a week with Dad before he died and extra time with Mom. She had a series of health problems in October necessitating a return to Pennsylvania.  I was thankful for the extra time with her since my last trip was when I arrived an hour before her death.  

From our roof

Although we were in the primary target zone of landfall for Category 4 Hurricane Matthew, our home did not sustain a lot of damage.  We had only a piece of roofing come off,  exposing our home to the rain and wind, plus extensive water coming in through walls, ceiling, and windows.  What else would you expect from 140 mph winds and torrential rain?!!!!  Although we pushed water out for at least 12 hours, we were thankful for minimal damage, especially when we looked around our neighborhood and listened and saw the damage elsewhere.  Some nearby towns and villages were almost totally destroyed, especially those near the oceans. Many of the Haitian churches we serve lost churches, schools, the parsonages, and many homes. Praise God, there was little loss of human life in those churches. However, much of the crops, livestock and safe water supply was destroyed.  We are thankful for all the help we received and are still receiving here.

Flooding weeks after hurricane from the RMI Office

What followed was almost 6 weeks with limited or no power and internet as well as a 100 year flood two weeks after the hurricane.  This flood destroyed much of what was left after the hurricane for many people.  Cholera also struck in areas where water supplies were contaminated by waste and dead animals.
Desriveaux Church
Port Salut - Favorite Beach and Restaurant spot
As Joel and I look back, only God's strength sustained us during this time.  We ask for your prayers as there is much to be done and our resources at RMI are stretched.  But, God is GREAT!  He has plans for us and they are plans for the good (Jeremiah 29:11)