Monday, March 31, 2014

And Our Move Begins!!!!

Closer and Closer!

We are getting closer to have the "go-ahead" from Reciprocal Ministries to move to the Haiti mission center in Les Cayes.  There is SOOO much to do!  Joel has the major responsibility of getting our house ready to sell and finding a home for his 1947 Jeep, some equipment, and all the things in his garage workshop.  The last steps are selling his pick-up truck and trailer.  

My responsibility is sorting, sorting, sorting! How do you decide to get rid of years of "things" or decide to ship them to Haiti, leave them with family, or put them in storage.  Always important is knowing that taking things to Haiti means NOT bringing them back! It wasn't easy!  We decided to take most of our furniture since most was old! And, what do you buy to take!  We had to keep in mind that most items, even coffee pots, are much more expensive in Haiti and there is less selection.

Then, pack, sort, pack sort!!! And we thought going to work was a hard job!!!