Saturday, June 22, 2013

An update

Since I last wrote on the blog, I've continued teaching at the College. No, no summer break!   Classes are year round so I'm teaching students at the hospital and teaching an online graduate class. Joel, however, is on summer break from the elementary school.  BUT, he is really working hard outside in the tremendous heat and humidity of Florida summers.  He's back to doing tree work and some carpentry.  Meanwhile, I'm in the air conditioning, freezing!

I posted a story that Joel wrote about Lukane, a man in Haiti who accepted Christ as a result of the church teams visit to Baradares, Haiti. They went to Haiti again this spring in March and were really blessed to hear about Lukane and his family. In addition, the team provided a medical clinical for the folks in Baradares as well as visited the church school and another church plant from Baradares.  In both places, they were able to use a new tool for helping the people there and to provide a means for self-help.  They took an I-See kit (from I-TEC, Steve Saint's organization).  They taught a member of the church to do eye exams and to provide glasses for those who needed them just for a nominal fee. As a result, the church in Baradares will be able to continue to provide these exams (and glasses) for the folks in the area with the funds made from the fees.  God is SOOO good! 

We're excited about how God has worked in our lives and shown His hand in our future.  We will be attending MTI (Mission Training International  located just north of Colorado Spring, CO.  It is not a coincidence that the Seventh Day Baptist General Conference is the week immediately preceding the training IN COLORADO SPRINGS.  This will allow us to attend most of the Conference and network with old friends and family from all over the United States and to talk about our mission in Haiti.  AND, the College is allowing me to take the time off to go!!!

AND, we got to spend an evening with Gary and Marilyn McLaughlin here in Gainesville.  They were on their way back home in Washington state after serving almost 9 years with RMI in Haiti. It was so good to talk with them and find out some news about what is going on  with RMI, our possible housing, and Les Cayes.  Did you know that they are starting to build a new International Airport in Les Cayes, very near where we will live? That means that there may be no long drive to and from Port-au-Prince for travel.  I've always prayed to live close to an international airport, but this is REALLY close!

We would love to hear from you.  We continue to ask for your prayers and support.