Saturday, May 2, 2015

It's Coming Along, But We Need Your Help!

Street view of house with two apartments.
RMI is renting this home for us since mission center housing at Citi Lumiere is really tight. The end of May, we will move from our current temporary home, the former RMI Guest House and office, to our home in the village of Simon.  This will allow our new missionaries, the Nunemaker family to move into our current house with their four children later this summer. The house is large with four bedrooms, much too large for two people. It also provides the children more interaction with other missionary children at the mission center. 

Steps to our apartment upstairs.

Street view to the right from the house.

We are excited about the move into the village.  It will provide us a much greater opportunity to get to know our neighbors, learn about Haitian culture and language, and spread Christ's word.

Living room

Although work is moving along, there is much more to be done to make it live-in ready before the end of May. There is still electric and plumbing to be finished, propane gas lines installed, painting to be finished, bathroom fixtures to be added, and doors be completed.

From living room to entry hall

All of those take lots of money, especially in Haiti. We need to quickly raise $5000 to complete the work in time for us to move in.

Would you consider making a donation so we can complete this important project?  The following opportunities are available:

$2,000  windows
$1,000  doors
$1,000  kitchen
$    500  plumbing
$    500  electric

If these items are beyond your reach, please consider a contribution of $50 or more for these expenses.  No amount is too small.

Please feel free to call the RMI office (239-368-8390) if you have questions about the project or how to donate.  You may also contact Joel through his e-mail at for more specifics about the project.

To donate, you may either write a check, payable to RMI and a notation on the check to designate the funds to Simon Home.  Please mail your check no later than May 22nd .  You can also donate online at

Joel and I thank you so much!

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