Wednesday, April 29, 2015

We're in full swing - a busy spring!

Welcoming a Sister Church

In January, we were full-fledged RMI missionaries, no longer in orientation. By the first of February, we no longer had Creole classes.

Joel's building a house in the Homes for Haiti program

Joel is in full swing, working on the maintenance of buildings and projects at the five RMI buildings. He's also been with RMI staff and Sister Church teams building houses through the Homes for Haiti program.

School Children greet the Sister Church team

For the present time, I am busy coordinating Sister Church incoming teams. January to April are the busiest months for team visits.

Both of us are now go out with Sister Church teams, taking turns with other RMI missionaries. It means we are away from home for nearly a week, sometimes two, but we enjoy the opportunity to help team members understand the culture and to minister with their Haitian sister church.

Her home - One of the cooks at Zanglais

A greeting from RMI in Creole!

A little interruption in our daily routine was the Missionary Retreat north of Port-au-Prince. It was a beautiful place accented with exceptionally meaningful educational presentations. However, we had to cut the trip short when I had to go to the University of Florida hospital for a tropical foot infection.
Kaliko Beach Resort
It was NO FUN to be on the receiving end of hospital care, but the doctors and staff were outstanding. A special thanks goes to Dr. Mike Lauzardo, a friend, elder in the Creekside Church. It was his recommendation that we return to Gainesville. He helped us at every step, including picking us up and the airport and getting us through the emergency room in record breaking time.  The end of the story - I'm fine and have a fading little bug in the skin of both my feet.

Nael - our "KoKoye Boy"

The work with RMI does not replace the importance of relationships with missionaries, staff, and Haitians in our neighborhood.  We were so happy to still have our young "kokoye," boy. He's doing odd jobs for us, paying for school and saving for an electronic tablet. His friend Danny often helps him and his older brother stops by to talk about school.

Joanne Waliszek and Courtney Westcott, Teachers

We were so blessed to have Joanne Waliszek stay with us the month of January.  She was a substitute teacher at the Citi Lumiere Christian School, teaching 3rd grade.

A service at the MEBSH Convention

The BIG event in our mission and Simon
neighborhood was the MEBSH (loosely translated - Missionary Baptist Churches of Southern Haiti) Annual Convention.  Over 10,000 people crowded into our small village. There were people everywhere! Stands selling food, clothes, shoes, books and Bibles on both sides of the dirt road!

There is no such word as "bored" in our lives. Now, we hope to soon be moving into the apartment in Simon.  It will give us a greater opportunity to witness and fellowship to our Haitian neighbors.

Continue to pray for our mission here, our health, and our family.