Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Busy Holiday Season

A quick trip to the "States!"

Yes, we've only been in Haiti a little over three months and off we go to the United States!  It was precipitated by my doctor saying, " I'll write your prescriptions for the year IF you have your annual physical. I'll accept the six month lab work from Haiti."  Well, my annual physical was due in January. So, we flew to Gainesville using our return trip tickets which we had to buy when we came to Haiti. Not only did we see some great friends in Florida, but I saw my primary care doctor and opthomologist - all in less that two days!
Pappy Joel with six of our grandchildren.

It also provided a way to see family, so off to PA and DC to visit family. We were excited that we were able to see my folks, sister and family, loved ones in the Salemville churches, three of our children and NINE of our grandchildren!  Yeah!  Not bad for  a seven day trip.

Guest House in Port-au-Prince

Our flight came into Port-au-Prince too late for our driver to pick us up and drive back to Les Cayes. So, we had the new experience of staying at a guest house in "Port."  It was beautiful and delightful!

It was Christmas Eve when we returned home to a RMI Missionary Family together at the Thompson's. Christmas Day brought a wonderful get together with the missionary family at Citi Lumiere and a concert at the Simon MEBSH church.  It was a beautiful time to celebrate our Savior's birth.
Christmas at our house, 2014